MSO advises international companies on health issues in the developing world, promoting cost efficient, quality care.

Health audits provide practical, sustainable & low cost solutions to problems including emergency preparedness, occupational health, regular medical care, water quality, sanitation and insect control.

Other services include health seminars and telephone counselling services for expatriates and business travellers.

MSO helps international companies to manage health risks in resource poor countries.

Central to all advice is on-site audit, covering reviews of emergency care, occupational health provision, standards of local clinics and hospitals, employment health legislation, drinking water quality, insect control, sewage disposal, staff training and opportunities for community health projects. Solutions given are simple, sustainable, evidence based and cost efficient.

For managed projects we monitor health activities weekly using returns to train, support and encourage health professionals in delivering highly cost-effective clinical care while developing simple disease prevention services.

MSO Health Seminars train expatriates and business travellers in the recognition and management of health hazards in the developing world. All courses are doctor-led and hands-on.

MSO Counselling Services provide counselling by 'phone – anywhere in the world - for employees and families working abroad, helping to keep employees at work and preventing relationship breakdowns. All counsellors are accredited and trained in the UK. Physician back up is included.