Audit & Management

On-site audits are carried out by our principal physician and are central to all MSO recommendations.
An extensive report provides practical, sustainable & low cost solutions to health problems:

• Cutting medical costs
• Reducing exposure to employee litigation
• Meeting host country legal standards for employee health
• Reducing insurance costs
• Reassuring share holders
• Promoting the image of the parent organisation

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Workplace Health

Emergency Medical Care

• Detailed assessments of occupational
• disease risks in the work place
• Advice on health surveillance and
• disease control

• Emergency exercises
• Emergency training and equipment
• Medical evacuation in-country & overseas

Litigation & Legal Compliance


• Claims limitation
• Compliance with local health & safety law

• First aid courses
• Food handling
• Continuing medical education

Disease Control

Routine Medical Care

• Drinking water quality
• Insect control
• Sewage & waste disposal

• Disease risks and control measures
• Quality of local medical care
• Cost-effectiveness

Community Health Projects

• Low cost projects with defined end-points