Telephone Counselling Services

Psychological ill health is common in business travellers and expatriates and in families on long term postings. MSO Counselling Services provide counselling by 'phone - anywhere in the world - for employees and families working abroad, helping to keep employees at work and preventing relationship breakdowns.

The Problems




Cultural Change

Alcohol Dependence

Marital Problems


Family Issues






Drug Abuse

Domestic Violence

Personality Problems

Counselling can:

• Reduce Sickness absence
• Increase Productivity
• Increase Well-being
• Aid legal compliance - Duty of Care overseas

What is Counselling?

Counselling helps people to help themselves - to clarify
their thoughts, define their aims and achieve their solutions.
It is also sensitive, personal and completely confidential.

The Solutions

MSO offers one-to-one continued support and advice from qualified and highly experienced U.K Counsellors. Clients need to make only one short call to set up unlimited telephone consultations at times convenient to them. All consultations are routed from the U.K at no cost to the client and no additional cost to the company. An experienced travel physician is also available at no additional cost.

Retaining Services

For an annual fee all business travellers, expatriates and their travelling dependants are entitled to unlimited consultations anywhere in the world.