Which Travel Health Website?

Probably the best UK site is the revised "Health Information for Overseas Travel" at the Department of Health

A book of the same name is also available, priced 8:50.

An alternative, shorter and less time consuming site is the Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health at

There are slight differences between UK and North American health advice on travel precautions.
US and Canadian citizens should be referred to the Centers for Disease Control site at http://www.cdc.gov/travel/
The book version of this site: "Health Information for International Travel, 2001-2002" is also available from CDC priced $25.

I recommend setting up a link on the company intranet to all three of these sites and distributing copies of "Health Information for Overseas Travel" to all regular travellers and expatriates. Copies can be purchased over the web at http://www.clicktso.com/bookstore.asp?Action=Book&ProductId=0113223293